In 1988, Sunnyside Acres was designated an Urban Forest to “be set aside in perpetuity for its intrinsic and heritage values to provide long term, non consumptive enjoyment and benefits to the general public.”
–Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

Sunnyside Acres is one of the last significant areas of natural woodland in South Surrey. Owned by each and every Surrey resident, the park now consists of more than 370 acres of Douglas-fir, Western red cedar, Western hemlock, black cottonwood, alder and other deciduous trees. Located on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, it is bounded by 20th, 24th and 28th Avenues and 140th, 144th and 148th Streets. The Forest is home to blacktail deer, over twenty other species of mammals, over 70 species of birds, and a great variety of plant life, many of which are rare or endangered.

Sunnyside Acres was dedicated as an Urban Forest in 1988, largely due to the efforts of the Save Our Sunnyside (SOS) group who recognized its unique ecological characteristics and recreational opportunities. Afterwards, the SOS group evolved into the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society and has since worked alongside the City of Surrey's Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. In partnership, these groups are committed to sustaining the Forest and its associated environment in as close to a natural state as possible.