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Our Mission

"Sunnyside Acres is designated an Urban Forest, set aside in perpetuity for its intrinsic and heritage values to provide long term, non consumptive enjoyment and benefits to the general public.”

- City of Surrey Parks, Recreation, and Culture (1988)


We work cooperatively with the City of Surrey to protect and manage the 130 hectares of mature second growth forest known today as Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest. We are committed to sustaining the forest and it's flora and fauna in as natural a state as possible for the benefit of current and future generations, and to promote public use, enjoyment and knowledge of the heritage represented by Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

Greetings from the President

"It is always a pleasure to welcome visitors to this second growth natural gem in South Surrey.


Whether you are an established member of the community or new to the area, we hope you will find each visit enjoyable and an incentive to return at every opportunity.


As the forest is continually changing in it’s many dimensions and in conjunction with changing seasons, it is worthy to take note of what changes you might observe in travelling along the trails whether it be walking, jogging or cycling.


For anyone physically challenged, The Wally Ross Trail has been established and is “off limits” to cyclists.


For new visitors, our information kiosk is located in the Wally Ross parking lot and has a display of maps, trails, a bulletin board of “Upcoming Events” and self-guided interpretive walk brochures.


For additional information please visit our facebook page. We welcome your feedback at anytime on any matter."


- Ron Meadley, President of Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society

We are the stewards of Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest