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Who We Are

The Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society  (#333 153 17th ave, Surrey, BC, V4A 1T9) is a registered charity and not-for-profit organization. Our board is composed of local residents and community members. We work to ensure the preservation of the Sunnyside acres Urban Forest for the benefit of our present and future generations. Anybody can join Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society as a member at any time (here) or join the Board of Directors during the Annual General Meeting (here)

Our Board of Directors

  • President

    Ron Meadley, BSc

  • Vice President


  • Secretary

    Cynthia Waiz

  • Treasurer

    Brian Bjarnason

  • Membership Director

    John Wilcock

  • Publicity Director


Members of the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Advisory Committee

  • Roger Phillips

  • Ron Meadley

  • Mark Williams

Directors at Large

  • Grant Wilson

  • Roger Phillips, MSc

  • Mark Williams

  • Anne Massey

  • Maria Botica

We are the stewards of Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest