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Dog Etiquette

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is for everyone’s enjoyment. Do your part to keep it clean.

Attention Dog Owners:

Please keep your dog leashed at all times and remember to bag up and take out any waste left behind by your beloved pet.

Attention Dogs:

Grrr ruff ruff woof woof ruff.

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Why must I leash my dog?

  1. Unleashed dogs break new trails and chase resident wildlife.

  2. Some park users are afraid of dogs. Some have been bitten.

  3. Controlled dogs are unable to fight with other dogs, as well as park wildlife like coyotes and skunks.

  4. Dog owners with dogs on-leash are able to "scoop the poop" right off the trail.

  5. Baby animals have no defence against roaming dogs.

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