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 OH NO!     THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER IS BACK.  BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR                                                                         GARBAGE CANS SECURE.

Summer Crafts

Some fun nature projects to work on over the summer holidays

Leaf Monsters

a) Collect leaves from your backyard (parental supervision may be needed to make sure no plants are being endangered in this process). Remember that fewer is best as you can always return for more.

b) Stick 1+ leaves onto a piece of card

c) Use coloured pens and googly eyes and let your imagination dictate!

d) Leave to dry in shade (so leaves do not dry out, but glue does) before moving

Hide & Seek

Bird Flying

Find the 8 animals for fact sheets, colouring pages, and more

Great Horned Owl nest
Coyote Mates
Juvenile racoon hanging from branch
Opossum in Tree


What has antlers and sucks blood?

A moose-quito!

What do you call a wet bear?

A drizzly bear!

What bird is always sad?

The Blue Jay!

What did the beaver say after eating a maple tree?

It was nice gnawing you!

Why do bees hum?

Because they don't know the words!

Why do birds fly south for the winter?

Because it's too far to walk!


(Baby Barred Owls)


1.  I have 52 teeth and no voice

2.  I carry my food in pouches

3.  I have a black tail and large ears

4.  Some people call me 'masked bandit'

5.  Sometimes I use my tail as an umbrella

The answers to the above statements can be found on the 'Sunnyside Wildlife' page.

You can also click on any of these pictures below to enlarge them for colouring. Have fun!

Possum colouring page
Squirrel colouring page
Deer colouring page
chipmunk colouring page
Racoon colouring page

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