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Urban Animals: Questions & Answers


Which species of squirrels live in our forest?

The tiny brown Douglas Squirrel is our native species. The Greys which also appear in black and brown were introduced.

Other than nuts what do squirrels eat?

Seeds, berries, bird’s eggs.

Do squirrels have umbrellas?

No, they use their tails to keep off the rain and hot sun.

How does a squirrel use his tail ?

It uses it for balance when jumping through trees.

What is a Douglas squirrel?

A small brown and white squirrel that is native to BC.


How many teeth does a possum have?


How does he talk?

It hisses like a snake.

Which native animal has a pouch?

A possum.

What do they use their pouch for?

A nursery for their babies.

How many babies can a possum have?

20 or more but they only can feed 13.

How old are baby possum when they leave the pouch?

About 3 months and are the size of a mouse.

How do baby possums travel through the forest?

On their mother’s back.


What is a raccoon’s favourite dessert?

Slugs and snails.

How many babies does a raccoon have?

2 – 6 sometimes 7

Where do raccoons store their fat?

In their neck and tails.

What do raccoons eat?

Almost anything, worms, rats, berries, and human garbage

How does a raccoon speak?

They trill and growl.


What does a coyote look like?

The coyote has grayish-brown to yellowish-brown fur on top and whitish fur on its underparts. It has large triangular ears on the top of its head and a long, narrow muzzle. It has a black nose; yellow eyes; and a long, bushy tail.

What do you do if you ever see one near you?

Make yourself look big and yell GO


What does a coyote sound like?

It makes a yip yip sound and howls like a wolf.

How does a coyote carry its tail?

One way to tell the coyote apart from wolves and Dogs is to watch its tail when it runs. The coyote runs with its tail down. Dogs run with their tails up, and wolves run with their tails straight out.

What does a coyote eat?

They hunt rabbits, rodents, fish, frogs, and even deer. They also happily dine on insects, snakes, fruit, grass, and carrion.


What do cottontail rabbits look like?

Cottontails range from reddish brown to gray, but all feature the distinctive "cotton ball" tail for which they are named. Cottontail rabbits are called that because the underside of their tails -- which curls up against the lower back -- is white, just like a small piece of cotton. They browse at night on grasses and herbs and are fond of garden fare such as peas and, of course, lettuce. In winter, their diet becomes a bit coarse and consists of bark, twigs, and buds. During the day, cottontails often remain hidden in vegetation. If spotted, they flee from prey with a zigzag pattern, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 18 miles (29 kilometers) an hour.


What does a chipmunk look like?

Depending on species, chipmunks can be gray to reddish-brown in color with contrasting dark and light stripes on the sides of their face and across their back and tail.

What does a chipmunk eat?

Chipmunks, the smallest members of the squirrel family, feed on nuts, acorns, seeds, mushrooms, fruit, berries, insects, bird eggs, snails and sometimes small mammals like young mice. They stuff food into their cheek pouches and carry it to their burrows to store.


What should you do if you find an injured wild animal?

Leave it alone, watch from a safe space and if the mother doesn’t come to get it…Call a local wildlife shelter.

Do you try to pick it up?

No, it is wild and scared and will likely bite.

Where do you call for help?

Crittercare Wildlife Shelter -604 530 2064

Should you feed wild animals?


What happens if you do?

They will depend on you for food and may get into trouble with your neighbours who might not like them. And, they will lose their fear of humans.



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