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Birds of Our Forest

Did you know that bushtits use spider webs to make elaborate sacs for nests, or that chickadees are very intelligent birds, with incredible memories? From speedy hummingbirds to sleepy owls, a total of 69 bird species live in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

There is the the Pileated Woodpecker, which is currently the largest woodpecker in North America, as well as the Pacific Wren, a tiny drab bird with an incredibly loud voice. We are also lucky enough to sometimes receive species that are uncommon to the region, such as the ruffed grouse, which looks like a brown chicken but makes drumming noises deep enough to vibrate trees, and the peregrine falcon, also known as the fastest bird in the world.

Right now it is fall, which is peak migration time for many birds flying south towards warmer wintering grounds, after spending summer breeding further north. Sunnyside Acres and surrounding areas generally receive more birds in winter than in summer so now would be a great time to start exploring the forest for wildlife. Early mornings are the best time for bird watching, and slower walking generally equals more birds spotted.

To find out which birds are found within Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest, visit our birds page here. We also offer free tours here, if you are looking for an experienced guide to teach you about the wildlife. Comment below with the some of the birds you have spotted when visiting Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest!

This blog post was written by the author of the blog, which offers stories, fun facts, and helpful identification tips on many of the local birds.



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