skunk babies.jpg



  1. Scent: An animal’s smell

  2. Enemy: An animal that might hurt a skunk

  3. Omnivore: Eats both meat and plants

  4. Gland: A small opening which releases skunk spray

  5. Nocturnal: Sleeps during the day

Fun Facts: ​

  • Most skunks are black with two white stripes down their backs.

  • A few are spotted white and black all over.

  •  Skunks have glands on their bottom that spray their stinky smell.

  • Skunks can spray up to 12 feet away. The smell can last for up to four months!

  • Skunks live in old tree stumps, under logs or in dens. Sometimes they crawl into people’s attics or basements.

  • Skunks are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and look for food at night.

  • Most skunks only live two or three years. They are often hit by cars or killed by dogs, coyotes, owls or bobcats.

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