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Sunnyside Acres User Guidelines

Waste Dumping:


  • Dumping continues in the Wally Ross Parking area consisting of green turf and construction waste. We ask that park users please refrain, as green waste is a potential source of invasive plant roots/seeds and construction waste detracts from the natural beauty of the urban forest.


Dog Walking:


  • We ask the public to respect the integrity of our forest by keeping their dogs on-leash to avoid any wildlife disturbances and to keep small dogs safe from coyotes. Please pick up after your dog, and use trash receptacles provided for dog waste.


To Help Reduce the Risk of Fire:


  • Due to the dryness of the forest, smoking and camp fires are both strictly prohibited.


  • Please pick up and carry out any broken glass which may become a fire hazard (this includes that which is found in parking lots).


  • No motorized vehicles or toys are permitted in the park boundaries.


Park Use:


  • Please stay on designated trails at all times for your own safety and to minimize impacts toplants and wildlife.


  • Overnight camping is not permitted in the Park. Squatters will be removed.

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Sunnyside Acres Park Usage

Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society's Board of Directors are asking for your input on what kind of forest  usage interests you.  Please check any of the boxes below. Don't forget to  add your contact info to comments.

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