urban forest trail in spring by Sasha Fa

Current Events

Autumn Planting Event 2021

Our Autumn 2021 Community Planting Event is now scheduled for November 6.


Date: SATURDAY November 6, 2021.


Site Location: Off of 148th Street and Rotary Way, near the Coastal Soccer Parking Lot at Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest, along the East side as shown in this aerial photograph.


Start time: 9:30 am.


Community Members - Welcome!

urban forest trail in spring by Sasha Fa

Recent Events

Environmental Extravaganza, Spring 2021

"Environmental Extravaganza"


As part of Surrey’s Environmental

Extravaganza, a self-guided walk along Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest's Douglas Fir Trail will be the feature of the week. Signs with a QR code that can be read with a smart phone link the walker to various natural features found on the trail. This will self-guided walk be available from Monday May 17 until May 23rd.


This is Sunnyside Acres Urban

Forest's week - get out and enjoy!

Autumn Planting Event 2020

Date: Saturday November 7, 2020

Location: 148th Street and Rotary Way (22nd Avenue near the ball park).

Special thanks: Special thanks to all who came out for the Fall 2020 planting event, including Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society, the City of Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP), Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad (SYSS) and community members.


We had 19 participants and 100 plants were successfully planted in the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest. Many hands made light work! 

When: January each year

Recent location: South Surrey Recreation Centre:

14601 20th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 9P5.

Who? Everybody is welcome to attend our annual general meetings.

Format: Usually an interesting presentation by a guest speaker before a quick business meeting, followed by elections.

Annual General Meetings


2019 Planting Party

Thank you to all of our volunteers, the City of Surrey, and the Rotary Club for all of your support in making the 2019 planting party a huge success.


We had more than 40 volunteers come out. Together, we managed to dig out weeds and plant 223 trees behind the South Surrey Recreation Centre.

Scroll through the gallery to the right to see photos from this event.

Annual Open Houses

Scroll through our gallery of past events and open houses here.

Where to walk when in the park? 

Request a tour from one of the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society volunteers below.

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