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The population of Surrey is expected to grow by over 300,000 people in the next 3 decades. This is likely to exacerbate the challenge of maintaining the health of the forest while promoting it's recreational benefits. Urbanization results in many impacts to forest health. An increase in paved, impermeable surfaces results in stormwater run-off entering our drainage systems at increased volumes and velocities. An increase in roads and road widenings can encroach on the forest, while increasing population around the forest can result in more unauthorized activities, such as greenwaste dumping, trail-building, or other activities that can damage the forest.


As more and more people come to enjoy this forest, the role of our Society in speaking out for the protection and enhancement of the Forest, while promoting respectful and ecologically appropriate recreational usage will be more important than ever. Consider joining us today!

Consider the following:

  • What would the area look like if the Save our Sunnyside Campaign hadn't successfully protected the forest?

  • How would the neighborhood, or even Surrey as a whole, be different if the forest had been developed?

  • What will this neighborhood look like thirty years from now? How will increased development and a larger population impact the health of the forest?

  • What benefits do you think the forest provides? Why do you think it's important that the forest remain protected, in perpetuity?

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