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Tent & Tables off 2141 140th St Dec 27 2

Waste Management

Illegal Dumpings in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Illustrated below are some examples of the almost weekly dumping of waste materials in the forest edge of the Wally Ross Parking Lot and around the perimeters of the forest.

Abandoned Old Camp-Remnants -Site- Off 148 near 24th IMG_0765 (2)
Cut Branches from SW Corner IMG_0732 (2)
Unsanctioned-144 St between 25  26 Ave East side 50 ft from 144  IMG_0683
Dumping-Toilet Added to the Pile!IMG_0738 (2)
Dumping-Pulled from Forest Edge S Entrance 144 St. IMG_0772
Dumping-Additional Furniture  IMG_0735
Dumping- Found in Forest Edge IMG_0766
Dumping -Drywall  Other IMG_0733
Dumping - Pulled from S Forest Edge, Parking Lot  IMG_0773 (2)
Drywall  Other IMG_0730

This parking area was established for the convenience of visitors and obviously establishes the” first impression” to both regular and new visitors alike.


While the parking lot has been designed and constructed to complement this pristine natural area, constant maintenance is required both from the City of Surrey and Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society volunteers in order to maintain this state. Unsightly trash which frequently includes green waste and earth is generally strewn into the forest edge requiring collection and removal. In addition, damage to the understory result from the unnecessary trampling and efforts to effectively remove this trash.


Green waste in particular poses a real threat to this natural area as waste material can act as a medium to transmit live invasive seeds and roots along with exotic pests and plant diseases into the forest.


Invasive plant growth as a direct result of green wastes being dumped is a large “RED FLAG.” It requires immediate attention and effort to extract roots from the understory as soon as they appear. Usually, it will take several years of monitoring and follow-up extraction before all of these roots are effectively removed.


We plead and appeal to Community Members so inclined to dump, to please “think twice” before using Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest as a dumping ground.


We would also like to ask concerned visitors to the forest to call on an anonymous basis, 604-501-5050 should this type of activity be observed.

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