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Foster the Forest

In order to encourage new membership and to acknowledge the loyalty of present subscribers the 'Foster the Forest' program has started up.

After 10 years of membership in SAHS, or by 'paying it forward' to reach the 10 year commitment earlier, a member can foster a selected tree.  The fostering period is for 10 years.


The foster link is a virtual one.  


In accordance with the Urban Forest's basic tenet of conservation there is to be no interference either with the tree or the neighbouring flora and fauna associated with it.  


However, the trees selected for fostering can be readily seen from the roads circumventing the Forest.  There will always be a moment as you walk, cycle or drive by your foster tree that you can mentally greet it and know that this linkage with the Forest has made you closer to being a significant contributor to global health. To fight climate change many countries are undertaking vast re-forestation plans, planting billions of trees.  A billion trees are difficult to imagine, but a single tree can be a real part of your life. 

On acceptance of your fostering membership you will receive specific information about the fostered tree, including:

  • Age, height, diameter, site and GPS location

  • A name in Coast Salish language, a reference to the tree's ancestors being here long before the land was  settled by colonists.

  • Carbon sequestering, oxygen production and water retention values

  • Timber volume and value.  (Rest assured there are no plans to turn the tree into 2 x 4s ! However if the tree becomes a safety hazard then City have no choice but to take action.)


If you wish to take on a fostering role, select the category that fits you and indicate that on the membership form:

New member:  $100 (also covers 10 years of membership)

Current member:   $100, less the number of years you've been a member

(e.g. a member with 3 yrs standing has contributed 3 x $10 = $30, so a $70 payment completes the fostering fee)

Current member with 10+ years standing:  $0 foster fee, just continue annual fee.



Below, please find the application form for the Foster the Forest program.

Foster the Forest 

Application Form

Forest Path
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