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Take action and become an annual member of the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society. Annual membership in the society costs only $10 and it's as easy as sending an

E-transfer to

Scroll through this page to learn about the benefits of being a member of our society. These include volunteering opportunities, discounts at local stores, and more.

Being a member of the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society is a great way for you to connect with like-minded individuals in your neighborhood, and other nature-based organizations in Surrey, who care about and work towards the protection and preservation of our natural heritage.

Member Benefits

  • Working with Youth

    Our participation in Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP) allows us to mentor youth interested in pursuing a career in environmental education and conservation. In addition, we are continually seeking youth volunteers on special projects and initiatives.

  • Electronic


    We put together an informative newsletter four times a year to let you know what the pressing issues are in the forest, interesting ecological features of the forest, and other important information for our members to know.

  • Promotion of Nature Conservation

    From letter writing and attending meetings, to joining committees and roving through the park, there will be many opportunities for you to have a proactive voice for nature conservation in Surrey. You can make a difference for the forest!

  • Direct Involvement in Stewardship

    You will be provided with all the materials and knowledge necessary to become a proactive member. Opportunities include becoming a bin keeper and volunteering to empty city bins from two park locations for local garbage pick-up.

  • Discounts at Local Stores

    Display your membership card at Wild Birds Unlimited Surrey, Art Knapp, and Potters (Intersection 192/48) for at least a 10% discount on at least some items!

  • Training and Capacity - Building

    We offer simple training for any members who wish to host guided nature walks.


We're looking for positive, outgoing and engaged individuals who are passionate about our forest and want to ensure its protection for future generations. We welcome all ages, abilities, backgrounds!

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There are many ways for members to participate in our society. Depending on your availability and interests, consider the following roles. Contact us at if you have any questions about what is involved.

Getting Involved

  • Board of Directors

    This is one of the most effective ways you can make a difference for our society: by lending your time, energy, and enthusiasm to ensure our society runs smoothly and effectively. See "Who We Are" for a full list of positions.

  • Urban Forestry Committee Representative

    As a director, you are eligible to be our representative on the 11-member Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Advisory Committee. The committee has a wider representation than the society, but plays a complementary role in management of the forest and promoting the ecological integrity of the forest for future generations.

  • Volunteer Nature Interpreter & Tour Guide

    Do you have interest in leading groups of people through nature? Would you like to learn about the principles of nature interpretation? Our volunteer guides play an important role by leading people through the forest, telling our story, encouraging stewardship, and fostering connections within the forest.

  • Youth Mentor

    We enjoy working with Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP and other youth organizations in Surrey dedicated to the conservation of nature. Our members help encourage youth on their journey to becoming future leaders.

  • Volunteer Forest Observers.

    Do you enjoy simply walking through the park? Why not keep an eye out for us, and report anything you see? We will provide you with the guidelines on what to look for and who to report to, as well as some handy brochures to give out if you see anyone along the way.

  • Foster



    A Membership loyalty option that involves a virtual connection with an individual tree in the Forest.  The tree will be visible from the Park's boundary roads; its characteristics described and importance detailed.


    Follow this link to find out more.

Become a member of Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society.

Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society is a volunteer group of local citizens who are the stewards of Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest on 24th Avenue in South Surrey.

Annual membership is easy. Fill in this form and send your membership fee ($10 per member) by e-transfer to: