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How the Forest is Managed

Ecological Management - A "Hands-Off" Approach

One of the main objectives of our Society is to ensure that the Forest remains in as natural a state as possible. However, the ecological degradation sustained by the Forest in the past threatens to continue and potentially increase with the parks popularity.  Balancing the health of the forest with recreation activities is essential to protect the ecological integrity of the forest, and requires a carefully thought-out management approach.

These management actions are stipulated in the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Access and Recreation Management Plan, which was developed in consultation with the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Advisory Commitee, local stakeholders, and other interest groups.


In addition, the City of Surrey's Natural Areas Management Plan outlines the Parks Division's approach to balancing ecological health with recreational activities in our urban forests and parks, and deals with the following issues:

  • Vegetation management

  • Access and recreation

  • Hazard tree management

  • Coarse woody debris management

  • Fauna management

  • Fire management

  • Yard waste and refuse dumping management

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